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Robotics4U Junior Robotics Engineers Program

wed06sep4:30 pmwed5:15 pmRobotics4U Junior Robotics Engineers Program(Grade K-2)


September 6, 2023 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Event Details

This program is for absolute beginners and is specially designed for kids in Kindergarten – Second Grade. Kids learn to code with new friends Dot & Dash Robots while they get introduced to the fundamentals of robotics in a fun learning way. This program will help to learn to code Dot and Dash robots, which respond to voices and sounds, and can be coded to sing, dance and play various sports! During this session kids will learn Block Programming to code to solve a maze with Dash Robot, choreograph their robots to dance turn Dot into an Alarm, play tag game with Dash, Hot Potato with Dot, use Dot to control Dash, code to play Hide & Seek with Robots, create music with Xylophone attached to Dash or Code to launch balls with Dash Robot to go Bowling or play Basketball! Our goal is to provide the kids with the opportunity to explore the field of Robotics in a fun learning environment. Perfect robotics session to create “Aha!” moments for kids. No prior experience in robotics/coding required. Click here for more information and to register.



We deliver training to students that are not only playful and engaging but also builds confidence in kids that “Yes! I can do this !” The capacity to learn is a GIFT; the ability to learn is a SKILL; the eagerness to learn is a CHOICE. We at Robotics4U strongly believe in it. Come to our robotics center with your choice and we will impart our skill to you.

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