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Youth & Adult Juried Photography Exhibitions

Calling ALL Hudson Valley Photographers: Amateur, Hobbyist, Professional!

At River Valley Arts Center, we want to offer an opportunity for artists to showcase their work. So we are excited to kick this off with TWO Juried Photography shows this Spring. One for adults and one for youth under the age of 18.

What is a Juried Art Show: In this instance, it is a competition where photographers can submit their photography to our panel of jurors to potentially be chosen to be in the final exhibit.

These juried photo exhibits are open to Hudson Valley Photographers of ANY level of – amateur, hobbyist, professional, etc. All entries must be original material taken by the entrant and must be photography media with as much or little post processing as the photographer desires.

There is a lot of information below, so if you have any questions feel free to email us!

Important Dates: Adult Exhibit

Submission Deadline: Sunday, March 5th at 11:59pm

Jurying: March 6 – March 12

Notice of Acceptance: On or around March 14th

Artwork Delivery to RVAC: Sunday, March 26.  1pm – 4pm

Gallery Opening Event: Saturday, April 1.  5PM – 7PM

Exhibit: Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, April 30

Artwork Pickup: Sunday, April 30. 4pm-6pm

Important Dates: Youth Exhibit

Submission Deadline: Sunday, April 9th at 11:59pm

Jurying: April 10 – April 16

Notice of Acceptance: On or around April 18th

Artwork Delivery to RVAC: Sunday, April 30.  1pm – 4pm

Gallery Opening Event: Saturday, May 6.  5PM – 7PM

Exhibit: Saturday, May 6 – Sunday, June 4

Artwork Pickup: Sunday, June 4. 4pm-6pm


  • Entry Fees: Entry fees are used to offset necessary expenses involved in making the show possible. A non-refundable fee of $35 ($25 for youth exhibit) entitles each artist to submit up to 3 entries.
  • Entry Format: Entries must be submitted and paid via the online form below. We will not accept any works unless the file format, file name, and image sizes are as listed below.
  • File Format: Digital images submitted must be in jpeg format, 300 DPI, minimum size of 4″x6″
  • File Name: First Last – Title of Work – Price.jpg . (Example: Ansel Adams – Grand Canyon – 15000.jpg)
  • The competition will be juried from emailed digital images. Pieces will be shared with jurors who will have no idea who created the artwork for blind judging. Jurors will consider good composition and photographic technique as well as interesting, unusual subject matter. All images will be judged individually, regardless of whether they are part of a series.
  • DO NOT embed any information in the image area itself, such as name, copyright, logo, etc., to keep judging anonymous.
  • The 3-person professional level jurying panel will review and score all entries and select the top images to be hung and eligible for awards. 35-40 pieces will be accepted. There is a possibility that more than 1 piece from a select artist may be chosen. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be awarded with cash prizes.
  • No physical artwork will be accepted at initial submission.
  • Deadline for submissions are: Adult Exhibit: March 5th at 11:59pm | Youth Exhibit: Sunday, April 9that 11:59pm
  • Entrants will be notified via email of their acceptance into the exhibit on or about: Adult Exhibit: March 14 | Youth Exhibit: April 18
  • Please Note: The occurrence of the exhibit is based on number of submissions received. If exhibits do not happen for any reason, entry fees will be refunded.


  • All of the works are available for purchase unless designated “Not for Sale” at the time of entry.
  • Works not for sale must still have a value for insurance purposes. In this case, determine a potential sale price and enter 60% of that dollar value.
  • As RVAC functions as an arts and community center, it keeps unique hours of operation. You are welcome to bring guests and potential buyers to visit the exhibit anytime even when the building is closed, please contact RVAC to set up an appointment or to gain off-hours building access as needed.
  • RVAC will handle all sales of the artwork and will receive a 35% commission on all works sold from the exhibit.
  • All items must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit and will be available for pick-up from RVAC at the end of the exhibit month.
  • Commission checks will be provided to the artist upon completion of the exhibit.


  • All accepted works will also be included in the Online Photography Exhibit on the River Valley Arts Center website allowing for an even wider audience.
  • In addition to Jury Awards, a People’s Choice Award, will be available as well. Voting will be available prior to and during the exhibits via an online form. One People’s Choice Award winner will be chosen for each exhibit and will receive their prize at the end of the exhibit.


  • All accepted works will be exhibited in RVAC from Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, April 30 (Adult Exhibit) and Saturday, May 6 – Sunday, June 4 (Youth Exhibit)
  • Our in-person Openings will take place at River Valley Arts Center (9 So. Mesier Ave, Wappingers Falls) on Saturday, April 1 from 5PM – 7PM (Adult Exhibit) and Saturday, May 6 from 5PM – 7PM (Youth Exhibit)
  • Juried awards will be announced during the Gallery Opening. Checks will be sent via postal mail afterwards.


  • Entry into the exhibit constitutes agreement to the conditions set forth. The artist grants RVAC permission to photograph any work accepted for publicity, marketing and publication purposes.


  • All pieces must be “hang-ready” and must have all hardware secured and fastened to allow for each piece to be hung from a single wire in the center of the piece. No “claws” or hanging clips will be accepted. Works not suitable for hanging will be rejected from the physical show.
  • All physical pieces must be framed in a dimension smaller than (<) 20” on its longest side regardless of the final image size. No piece should exceed this 20” on its longest side – inclusive of any matting and framing. Please contact RVAC regarding works submitted that are already framed at a larger size and we will see if we can accommodate.
  • The following presentations are acceptable:
    • Framed with or without matte
    • Gallery wrapped canvas
    • Photographs on metal panel
    • Standouts
  • PLEASE place a label of some fashion on the back of your work so that we may identify each piece. Caution: Do NOT write on the back of the photographic print itself.
  • All physical pieces must be hand delivered to RVAC on Sunday, March 26 between 1pm – 4pm (Adult Exhibit) and Sunday, April 30 between 1pm – 4pm (Youth Exhibit)
  • No deliveries, mail, or courier services will be accepted. If you need special delivery accommodations, please contact us.
  • RVAC is not responsible for adjustments to poorly framed or prepared art. Improperly prepared works will not be exhibited. Upon delivery, if any piece is determined to be inadequate for exhibit, you will give the opportunity to make corrections and re-deliver.
  • RVAC is not responsible for any loss or damage to any artwork that may occur during the exhibit period.


  • The Adult Exhibit ends on Sunday, April 30 at 4PM. All pieces must be picked up at RVAC by Sunday, April 30, 6PM.
  • The Youth Exhibit ends on Sunday, June 4 at 4PM. Al pieces must be picked up at RVAC by Sunday, June 4, 6PM.
  • RVAC will not be responsible for packing, delivering or shipping works.
  • Any works not retrieved by the published last retrieval time will be subject to a $10 per piece storage fee. If not retrieved within 30 days, the works will become part of the RVAC permanent collection.