RVAC is the premier multi-use facility for arts and community programs in the Hudson Valley.

Great Work Montessori Summer Program

Great Work Montessori’s Summer Program will offer an active and educational learning environment during the summer of 2023.

July 10 – 14: Visual Arts
July 17 -21: Culinary Arts
July 24 – 28: Natural Wonders
July 31 – Aug 4: Parks & Recreation
August 7 – 11: Hudson Valley Farms
August 14 – 18: Time Travel in the Hudson Valley

RVAC's Rambunctious Readers

A play, fun and song-based program for emerging and beginner readers! Ms. Kristy will sprinkle reading with fun at this summer program through engaging books and arts and crafts! Children will participate in the theatrics of reading and learn to tell stories with voice and expression, all while having fun in a hands-on way!

Summer Camp Dates & Ages: July 31 – August 4 (Ages 6-7) | August 7 – 11 (Ages 4-5)
Time: 9AM – 12PM
Cost: $125. Complete the form below to register.